Equipment Provided

Music gear provided in each room

Yamaha Recording Custom Drum set (5 piece) w/DW hardware exclusively

Marshall JCM900 Dual Reverb Head w/ Marshall 4×12 Cabinet

Mesa Boogie 50 watt head w/ Mesa 4×12 cabinet

Ampeg B2 or Hartke 3500 (both 350 watts)  w/8×10 SWR or GK cab

Peavey 1200 watt PA head (8 Channels)

4 EV floor monitors in one room, 4 Yamaha floor monitors in other room

3 Shure mics/stands in each room

Barco Rebar also has a large inventory of musical equipment for sale and for rent. Our specialty is vintage guitars and basses and pristine Marshall amplifiers and cabinets in both black and classic colors.  We have a small PA (800 watts) for rent in addition to Yamaha Speakers (500/1000 watts), as well as Guitar and Bass setups.  Drum Set as well.  Always looking to buy/trade/sell.    703-508-7782